Important Issues

Independent Thinker: I have supported a variety of issues that differ with many of my party colleagues. I support renewable energy initiatives to help foster energy independence away from fossil fuels. I also support removing/increasing the arbitrary production cap for craft beer so our independent breweries can create jobs and compete without being forced into distributor agreements.

Toll Lanes:  I have continued my legislative work to help modify or terminate the current contract with Cintra. I was the only legislator, along with five other local community leaders, that met with the Governor and formally requested that an I-77 advisory committee be created. I also unanimously passed legislation in the House that created a reserve account to accrue annual surplus monies from the NCDOT Highway and Highway Trust funds for the sole purpose of being used for contract modification or termination.

Education: I serve on the Education K-12 Committee. I have voted every year to support teacher raises. I have also voted to fund teacher assistants, e-text books and wi-fi in the classrooms. I support parental school choice because every parent knows what is best for his/her child.

Business & Economy: I have created over 25 local jobs in our community. As Chairman of Regulatory Reform, I have helped create and pass regulatory reform legislation every year. I have also supported tax cuts every year leading to 99% of North Carolinians either paying no annual income taxes or having a reduction in their annual income taxes.