Thank you for visiting www.ElectBradford.com to learn more about me. Many people have asked me why is it that I’m running for the District 98′s open seat for the NC House of Representatives. First, I believe that North Carolina needs legislators who can bring deliberate leadership, business relevance and government experience to their Office. Second, I believe that North Carolina needs continued focus on stimulating our economy, incentivizing business growth/expansion, recruiting new companies, creating new jobs, investing in education, paying competitive salaries to educators, eliminating entitlements to those capable of helping themselves and removing government inefficiencies.

I started my own business, Park Avenue Properties, LLC, in 2003. Since then I have worked incredibly hard to grow aggressively but also responsibly. Today, my business has operations in eight major cities across three States. My firm’s headquarters is located in District 98 and I have over 45 dedicated people running the day-to-day operations. My formula for success is based on the old fashioned way of doing things: a lot of determination, many long days and nights, plenty of hard work, a common sense approach, a little good luck, and absolutely no government assistance.

Frankly, I don’t come from a family with money. I don’t come from a family with fame. I come from a hardworking, middle class family that believes in the American Dream; one that can be achieved from a having a strong work ethic, receiving a solid education and understanding the value of a dollar. My great grandfather sat on the Charleston County School Board for over 50 years and, to this day, has a High School named in his honor for his years of dedicated service. My grandfather served in the 87th and 88th General Assembly in the South Carolina House of Representatives. All my life I have been surrounded by people who believe in hard work while also serving others. It is not by chance that I am on this same path.

I share all of this with you to highlight this point: I have used this same approach as a Cornelius Town Commissioner. During my first two years I made informed, logical and common sense decisions when casting my vote. I not only say I’m pro-business but I also back it up with my voting record. I believe my consistent pro-business approach and continued support of economic development in the Lake Norman area helped me achieve a strong finish in my re-election to a second term.

Shortly after my re-election I was approached by many well respected business and community leaders. They asked me to strongly consider entering the race for District’s 98’s upcoming open seat in the House of Representatives. After receiving multiple requests, I decided to take them seriously and, with unwavering support from my family to learn more, started meeting with several people that I respect and asked their opinions about my possible candidacy. The message was consistent and clear – they wanted me to enter the race so District 98 would continue the trend of having strong and deliberate leadership with conservative values and a pro-business focus. When asked, I have made it known that I always wanted to serve at a higher level. To me, the more important issue has always been if and when the timing would be right for me, my wife, and our four children to pursue a higher office. With their support and encouragement, I am able to step out now for this opportunity. On Sunday, December 15, 2013, my family made a final decision to support this endeavor and three days later, on December 18, 2013, I issued a press release announcing my candidacy for the open seat.

In closing, I am very excited about this new journey and all the things yet to come. Life is good and I plan to have fun along the way. I look forward to sharing this experience with my family and supporters standing firmly behind me pushing me forward. I hope to earn your support, too, and look forward to seeing you out on the campaign trail.

John R. Bradford, III