Setting the Record Straight

Dear Friends,

Yesterday and today, many of you have likely received a bombardment of false campaign mail and robo-calls from one of my opponents.  In some cases, many of you have reported to receiving up to ten pieces of mail and four robo-calls.  In her negative messaging, I am personally attacked, along with my record, and my service to our community. Negative campaign tactics are an unfortunate side to politics, and some candidates believe that these false attacks are necessary. From these actions it is clear that this opponent, specifically, knows our campaign is ahead and theirs is behind. While my campaign continues to take the high road and will continue to do so, I find it only appropriate to address the false claims made in an unwieldy attempt to smear my good name and reputation.

Simply put, the negative claims against my campaign are categorically false and misleading.  The facts and figures have been manipulated by my opponent in a desperate attempt to deter me from being successful on May 6th.  Below are the false claims along with responses and real facts.

  1. PLEDGING TO REDUCE THE PERSONAL AND CORPORATE INCOME TAX TO ZERO:  My opponent is claiming that I do not support this position.
    1. THIS IS A LIE. Please read the article from the Lake Norman Citizen, published last week, in which I state very clearly in the “Platform” question that I support reducing the personal and corporate income tax to zero.
  1. MEETING ATTENDANCE:  My opponent is claiming that I have “missed” a majority of the required PARC Department meetings during my years of service saying I have been “AWOL” and not doing my job.
    1. THIS IS A LIE.  The statement below is from former PARC Commission Chairperson, Bruce Trimbur, which corrects the record.

“I served as a PARC Commissioner from May, 2007 to January, 2013. The last two years of my service I was the PARC Commissioner Chairperson. John Bradford served as a PARC Commissioner in August, 2011 to December, 2011 before being elected to the Town Board.  After winning his election in November, 2011 he converted from a PARC Commissioner to a PARC Liaison.  This Liaison role was a channel for communication between the PARC Department and the Town Board.  As the assigned PARC Liaison attendance to our meetings were not mandatory or even required.  The recent public claim that he “missed” meetings is very misleading. John always stayed in touch with me, the PARC Department’s staff, our agenda’s programs, upcoming events and programming all while communicating our department updates at the Town Board meetings. He served our town very well as the PARC Liaison. John helped in many ways for the betterment of our PARC Department, as both a short term PARC Commissioner and then as the PARC Liaison.  I never felt John was “AWOL” from his appointment whatsoever. I am very proud to endorse and “count on” John Bradford for the NC House District 98.”  – Bruce Trimbur

  1. TAX REVALUTAION LEADERSHIP:  My opponent is claiming she led the fight against the flawed Mecklenburg County tax revaluation of 2011.
    1. THIS IS A LIE.  Her claims of taking credit have been publicly called out on Facebook by retired Cornelius Commissioner Jim Bensman, who was one of the integral leaders of this effort.  In his statement below, Jim Bensman states that it was me, not my opponent, who played a large role in ensuring our success. My opponent, once again, is lying to the voters.

“Today I received a Lynette Rinker flyer here in Colorado. In that flyer Lynette claimed a leadership role in the effort to overturn the 2011 Revaluation. That is, I’m sorry, a lie. This was an effort led by a team of 5 dedicated individuals supported by hundreds across the County. Her role was minimal and only part of actions, limited as they were, by the Cornelius Town Board. The Commissioners who actually did the most as individuals to help the cause were Jeff Hare and John Bradford, Yes, I don’t live in Cornelius anymore, but the truth is important and it is improper to blatantly mislead the voters on something like this.” – Retired Cornelius Town Commissioner, Jim Bensman

In summary, the actions of my opponent are desperate and serve as a last ditch effort to win an election my opponent apparently believes she cannot win on her own merit.  This is made even more clear by the fact that my opponent has zero elected officials and leaders endorsing her. In fact, every Republican Cornelius Town Commissioner who has served with my opponent alone, served with both of us, and served with me alone has publicly endorsed me.  My opponent has voted consistently against our local business to kill jobs including a $4M business expansion that was to create 55 new jobs with a $75,000 average salary.

This campaign is a preview of how my opponent will serve us in Raleigh, if elected. These types of manipulative, deceptive, and deceitful campaign tactics are deplorable and have no business in District 98.  Thank you for your time. I hope you will help uphold the integrity, honor, and respect of this Office by voting for John Bradford on May 6th. Please help us get this message out by forwarding to as many of your friends as you can.
Warmest Regards,

John R. Bradford, III

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