Representative John R. Bradford, III (Mecklenburg, District 98) is serving his second term in the NC House and is a Deputy Majority Whip, Co-Chair of the Mecklenburg Legislative Delegation,¬†and Chairman of the Regularity Reform and State & Local Government Committees. He is seeking re-election for his third term because he wants to continue his fight for common-sense legislation and policies for not only his constituents in District 98 but also for all North Carolinians. It’s a privilege and honor to serve District 98 and, if re-elected, he will continue his hard work and good fight to:

  • Terminate or modify the toll lane contract and add a general purpose lane(s).
  • Continue to support teacher salary increases and make sure our teachers are first and politics last.
  • Advocate for¬†Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
  • Remove burdensome business regulations so small business owners can create jobs and achieve economic prosperity.
  • Lower taxes so that more money is returned to hard working individuals.
  • Reduce the size of government and stop wasteful spending.