Q&A with John Bradford: Why are you running for office?

QandAQ: Why are you running for office?

A: I am running because I believe that NC needs legislators who can bring deliberate leadership, business relevance and government experience to their Office. I believe that NC needs continued focus on stimulating our economy, recruiting new companies, creating new jobs, investing in education, paying competitive salaries to educators, eliminating entitlements to those capable of helping themselves and removing government inefficiencies.

I started my own small business, Park Avenue Properties, in 2003. Since then I have worked incredibly hard to grow aggressively but also responsibly. My company’s headquarters is located in District 98 and I have created over 50 new jobs. My formula for success is based on the old fashioned way of doing things: a lot of determination, many long days and nights, plenty of hard work, a common sense approach, a little good luck, and absolutely NO government assistance. I look forward to taking that same approach to government in Raleigh.

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