Q&A with John Bradford: What would be your top priorities if elected?

QandAQ: What would be your top priorities if elected?

– Education: We need to ensure we are paying our teachers competitively so NC can retain and recruit top rated educators today to teach our children tomorrow. I believe we need to first reform our education system and then invest in the tools, talent, and time needed to make our students successful from when they first enter the public education system until graduation from NC Universities.

– Business: NC needs to be competitive in attracting new business & retaining current businesses. The top challenge facing NC is the continued need for business growth/expansion while removing the unnecessary regulatory burdens on our business owners. I intend to help reform our regulatory and tax codes to create jobs in NC.

– Infrastructure: I think the NCDOT should be reformed adding greater accountability. The challenge facing our state is an infrastructure system that is in much need of increased strategic investments for long term economic growth.

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