I Stand With My Husband, John Bradford


Tomorrow is Election Day.  We all need to go to the polls and cast our votes for those we support to lead our state and country.  As a resident of District 98, a wife of 13 years and a mother of four, I am asking you to support my husband, John R. Bradford, III, for NC State House of Representatives, Robert Pittenger for US Congress, and Thom Tillis for US Senate.

These last few days have included negative campaigning against John, Robert, and Thom.  These attacks are desperate, unwarranted, and misleading. There is one thing I would like you to know about my husband, John, when you go to the polls and vote tomorrow: he is a man of honor and integrity who has worked tirelessly to help make the Lake Norman Region a great place to live, work and play. John’s company is a real job creator for our Region by employing and supporting over 45 local families all while serving as a Cornelius Town Commissioner.

His role as an elected official over the last three years has been a family sacrifice and our family is prepared, yet again, to make an even greater sacrifice for him to serve in Raleigh. Since meeting and dating in high school, I have known that John has prepared all his life to serve the people with honor and integrity.  I am so proud of him and I think his time is now.  I need your help to make this a reality.

John is a charismatic person with a lot of passion and energy.  He has used a pro-business, common sense, and logical approach in his role as a Cornelius Town Commissioner.  I can tell you he is the same at home, and I know he will use this same approach in Raleigh. As my husband, my best friend, and father to our four beautiful children, I know that John is a good man who truly cares about our community and will serve us well.

It is my sincere hope that you will to go to the polls tomorrow and send a clear message to those who have used dirty politics, blatant lies, willful misrepresentations and general negative campaign tactics to mislead voters.  There are many issues in our state that require integrity, honor and a conservative pro-business approach to government.  I know voters, like you and me, are much smarter and more informed than those who have attacked John have given us credit for. We need to elect someone who can run a positive campaign on their own merits, not by attacking others.  We need to elect someone who has a demonstrated and proven track record in running a business and serving in government.

I respectfully ask you to take a stand against negative campaigning and dirty politics.  Support a person with honor and integrity.  Please send a strong message that you will not be deceived by these negative campaign antics by casting your vote for my husband, John R. Bradford, III, for the NC State House of Representatives.

Thank you for your support and have a blessed day.

Forever Grateful,

Shea Bradford

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