I have continued my legislative work to help modify or terminate the current contract with Cintra. I was the only legislator, along with five other local community leaders, that met with the Governor and formally requested that an I-77 advisory committee be created. I also unanimously passed legislation in the House that created a reserve account to accrue annual surplus monies from the NCDOT Highway and Highway Trust funds for the sole purpose of being used for contract modification or termination.

My recent statement regarding NCDOT’s announcement with their recommendations:

“Yesterday’s announcement by Secretary Trogdon fell short of what everyone in North Mecklenburg was hoping to hear. It is abundantly obvious that this contract is a terrible deal not only for our Region but also for all North Carolinians. I’m committed to continue to work with my colleagues in the House and Senate, as well as the Executive branch, to find a way to make a wrong a right. I am equally committed to continue to put politics aside and work with anyone, no matter the party, to reach a reasonable solution. There is no single issue that is more important to me and the hard working folks in North Mecklenburg than this issue. We need to keep fighting together and not each other.” Representative John R. Bradford, III