Cornelius Commissioner John R. Bradford Releases List of Endorsements for Re-Election

Cornelius, NC:  This afternoon Cornelius Commissioner John R. Bradford III released the following list of sixty one elected officials and community leaders who have publicly endorsed him to be re-elected to the Cornelius Town Commission. These leaders believe that John Bradford’s service on the board is vital to the health and growth of the Town of Cornelius.

“As the next Mayor of Cornelius I cannot stress enough the importance of having John’s leadership and experience on the board next year,” said Mayor Elect Travis. “His small business experience and knowledge of the town will help us continue to be one of the best places to live, work, and raise a family. We need John Bradford on the Cornelius Town Commission.”

Local businessman Joshua Dobi, expressed concern if Bradford were not to be re-elected. “Considering the amount of turnover we have had on the Commission this year I would be very worried if John Bradford were not to be re-elected to the Cornelius Town Commission. His service is vital to the health of our town government.”

Upon releasing the list and in response to negative campaigning by fringe group activists, Bradford expressed his appreciation of the overwhelming support he had received. “I am proud to serve Cornelius and humbled to have received this level of support. I will continue to work hard to preserve Cornelius as a crown jewel for North Carolina.Cornelius voters are a group of informed, logical and reasonable individuals.  Considering the current state of affairs within our US Government, local voters have little tolerance, if any, for negative campaign tactics.  Ironically, my outreach of support has never been stronger.  I have people asking how to make campaign contributions to ensure that I am “Re-Hired” and not “Fired.”  I always welcome passionate and healthy debate.  It is acceptable to agree to disagree which is why we call it an elected republic.  I am proud to say that I don’t cast my vote based on what will or will not get me re-elected.   I make the best decisions possible for the Town of Cornelius.  My common-sense approach these last two years as a Town Commissioner, as well as my long list of well known supporters, speaks for itself.”


NC Speaker Thom Tillis & Susan TillisNC Senator Jeff TarteNC Representative Charles Jeter
Cornelius Commissioner & Mayor Pro-Tem Chuck Travis
Cornelius Commissioner Bruce Trimbur
Mecklenburg County School Board Member Rhonda Lennon
Mecklenburg County School Board Member Tim Morgan
Former Cornelius Mayor Gary Knox
Former Cornelius Mayor Pro-Tem Susan Medlin
Davidson Mayor John Woods
Huntersville Mayor Jill Swain
Charlotte Mayoral Candidate Edwin Peacock, III
Jim Duke
Woody Washam
Joshua Dobi
Richard Pappas
John Hettwer
Chris Jones
Dennis Bilodeau
Kevin Mahl
Jamie Rolewicz
Case Warnemunde
Christy Walker
Susan Johnson
Greg Wessling
David Keith
Kathleen Rose
Pat Jackson
Tracey Stehle
Sid Morris
Jennifer Stoops
Robert Reed
Cory DeMarco
Marilyn Celenza
Dixie Dean
Shelley Johnson
Karen Floyd
Terri & Joe Carbon
Mark Patafio
Tedd Duncan
Tricia Sisson
Angela Swett
Ron Kelly
Bob McIntosh
Jason Baker
Lisa Mayhew-Jones
Jeff Fissel
Erika Erlenbach
Margaret & Blair Boggs
Bob Deaton
Dale Gilmore
Ron Potts
John Quinn
Mike Griffin
Bob Watson
Deborah & Sandy Bell
Wendy Moran
Jack & Robin Salzman

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