A Message from Campaign Chairman, Joshua Dobi


It certainly has been an exciting week!  Unfortunately, one of our campaign opponents has been attacking John with deceptive and manipulative mailers as well as robo-calls since Thursday.  Just like Kay Hagan is doing to our Speaker, Thom Tillis, our opponent is twisting and manipulating facts in an attempt to paint a picture which is simply false.

However, these attacks do not change the facts:

FACT: Over 18 conservative elected officials and town leaders listed below have supported John Bradford and still stand with him.
U.S. Congressman Robert Pittenger, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest,  NC Senator Jeff Tarte, Soil and Water Commission Chair Dempsey Miller, Cornelius Mayor Pro-Tem Woody Washam, Cornelius Commissioner Dave Gilroy, Cornelius Commissioner Jim Duke, Former Cornelius Commissioner Jeff Hare, Former Cornelius Commissioner Bruce Trimbur, Former Cornelius Commissioner Jim Bensman, Former Cornelius Mayor Gary Knox, Huntersville Commissioner Danny Phillips, Huntersville Commissioner Rob Kidwell, Former Huntersville Commissioner Brian Sisson, Former Lake Norman Chamber Chairman Wendy Moran, Former Lake Norman Chamber Chairman Robert Reed, Former Lake Norman Chamber Chairman John Hettwer, and Former Mecklenburg County Republican Party Chair Lee Teague

FACT: John Bradford’s campaign has gained more support from many more individuals than his opponents.
As you may have seen, John has taken a strong financial lead in the NC House District 98 Republican primary. On Monday, our campaign filed our first fundraising report of 2014 with the Board of Elections showing that John has accumulated a total of $230,892 for this election cycle through April 19th.  His report shows that he received $70,892.00 from 127 donors during this election cycle.  He currently holds $129,788.36 cash on hand for the remainder of the campaign.

This amount raised sets a record for a new candidate which was previously set and held by Speaker Thom Tillis for this seat in 2006. By comparison, Speaker Tillis raised $47,602.75 in the entire year of 2006.

Upon an examination of all the candidates’ reports, John has a significant edge in total financial contributions and total number of individual donors during this election cycle. Lynette Rinker has raised $12,712.54 and Sharon Hudson has raised $853.27 in comparison to Bradford’s $70,892.00.  Rinker received donations from 30 donors and Hudson received donations from 10 donors in comparison to Bradford’s 127 donors.  Rinker shows $21,854.30 cash on hand and Sharon Hudson shows $894.95 cash on hand in comparison to Bradford’s $129,788.36 cash on hand.

FACT: John Bradford is the strong Conservative Pro-Business Choice for District 98
This fact is easily confirmed when you consider he has the endorsement of Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC), a gun rights advocacy group.  The National Rifle Association (NRA) issued Bradford an ‘A’ rating as a new candidate that has yet to establish a voting record.  This is the NRA’s highest rating for a new candidate. John is pro-life and supports traditional marriage. John Bradford is CONSERVATIVE with a strong record to prove it.

In addition, John has a strong and documented history of supporting jobs and being effective in his role as a Cornelius Town Commissioner.  He has been endorsed as the pro-business candidate by the Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition (REBIC). His opponent on the other hand has voted to stop business growth which kept jobs from being added in our District 98 region. This is verifiable fact from her voting record – all public information.  It’s not commentary or supposition – it is documented action.

I leave you with a reasonable question: why use personal attacks if your record is strong enough to compete against him?  She must feel that it is not strong enough, which is why she has taken this tact.

Stand UP for conservatives principles on May 6th! Vote Bradford and Tillis on May 6th. 

With thanks for your time and commitment —

Joshus Dobi
Campaign Chairman
The John R. Bradford, III, Committee

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